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mine floor in Leipzig Südraum. photo: F. Beigel
cospuden mine. photo: M. Wenzel, 1985
cospuden mine being flooded, 1997
lake sketch
sketch of Lake Villa
lake edge, public wetland territory and new village territory
sketch elevation. terrace of three longhouses
lanscape jetties at Cospuden harbour ramp. photo: D. Mallo, Feb 2000
lake edge bicycle path. photo: P. Christou, Aug 2000
new wetland territory and lake. photo: F. Beigel, June 2003
bicycle path
design model
concept model
site plan sketch
site plan sketch
site plan
elevation of solitaire 3
ground floor plan of solitaire 3
elevation of solitaire 4
design model of solitaire 4
design model of lake solitaires
Casa Malaparte in Capri by Alberto Libera

Kunstlandshaft Cospuden,

Urban landscape infrastructure realisation project for the urbanisation of a site on the edge of the former Cospuden open-cast coal mine near Leipzig, Germany.

1st prize in an invited international urban design competition, 1997, 1st prize in an invited investors competition, in collaboration with Edgar Lössnitz, HochTief Build1ing GmbH Leipzig, April, 1999.

Gestaltungsplanung completed March, 2000, Construction completed of the new lake edge territory and urban infrastructure of the town of Zobiker, Feb. 2001.

The design proposal is an artificial landscape arising from the manmade excavation landscape of the region. The landscape history of the place has been read and used as the generator of the design. We have thought of various times that have given form to the landscape:

These four landscapes are the basis of the design strategy. The Cospuden project is a prototype for the design of the shorelines within a vast new region of future lakes. The former Cospuden mine will become the first new lake in the region, and the nearest lake to the center of the city of Leipzig. A new wetland between the former agricultural village of Zöbigker and the lake forms a precedent relationship for the region between the urban village and the water. The lake-front of the new urban village is formed by the new apartment ‘solitaires’ forming a distinct edge to the wetland starting from the baroque villa down to the new harbour ramp. The edge of the wetland to the lake is formed by the promenade dams, 2 long lines in the lake landscape, a memory of the sharp straight cutting edges of the mining holes.

The ‘solitaires’ or ‘lake villas’ as some like to call these buildings could be seen as large stone bolders sinking in to the wetland, a reference to the vast geological landscape made by the glaciers and the sea.

The longhouses behind the solitaires in contrast are hovering above the ground of the former garden of the baroque villa forming trapezoid shaped spaces that open up views to the lake. The longhouses could be said to dance in the former park.

For the old village the design provides an urban repair strategy similar to that of Luigi Snozzi in Monte Carasso, Switzerland.

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