Bishopsfield Housing

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photo: H. Binet
a tapestry in the landscape, photo: P, Christou
looking over the mat of courtyard houses
Curtain Wall
design sketch
design sketch
cross section with new building envelope in yellow
photo: H. Binet
new maisonette large windows, photo: P. Christou
interior of new roof apartment, photo: H. Binet

Housing, Bishopsfield Harlow, Essex, England, 1994

Repair and modernisation of the well known experiment in public housing, originally designed in the 1960’s by Neylan and Ungless Architects. The design strategy for the building repair is based on the concept of providing new raincoats and pullovers in various forms, e.g: a new double storey advanced glass curtain wall with various levels of transparency, placed on the outside of the existing brick walls; a new horizontal glass roof over the open patio on the top floor; state of the art flat and sloping roof constructions.

The long horizontal buildings intensify the scale and shape of the landscape. This tempted us to make the already large fenestration like a long curtain or tapestry in the landscape. This approach to the design refers to the place in which the building is and the essential character of the original building.

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