Apartment Kensington

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step up into the small house, photo H. Binet
plan of territories
little house (grey) in a walled garden
stainless steel cooking surface, photo H. Binet
the floor of the inner house, photo: H. Binet
plywood inner house, photo: H. Binet
entrance hall, photo: R. Truman
initial design sketch
step up into the little house
heated interior render wall and plywood shutter
photo: H. Binet
photo: H. Binet

Apartment, Kensington, London, 1992

The design is based on the metaphor of a small house in a walled garden. The outer ground plane is seen as an architectural infrastructure of a carpet, or abstracted land space. The small house built on top of this infrastructure consists of thin planes of birch plywood, glass and stainless steel sliding in front of each other. The constantly changing depth of space giving this quality with no fixed appearance. Lighting is totally integrated into these meanings.

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