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photo: H. Binet
the raw shell of the former shoe factory
design sketch plan
plan of lights on the ceiling
photo: H. Binet
photo: H. Binet

Apartment in Clerkenwell, London, 1998

This project is concieved as an interior landscape space. It can be seen to be a small model of the urban design composition of new houses in the Cospuden project. Several small buildings stand in a free arrangement independent from the existing walls and ceiling of this former shoe factory in central London. Two bathrooms and a cabinet-like bedroom are within the compressed spaces of these new built elements, leaving the large open spaces of the apartment to have an expansive and open quality. Intensive research into new timber laminated constructions, new gypsum cast floor with industrial epoxy surface and underfloor heating, and polycarbonate sliding screens are materialisations of this interior landscape.

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